Two years In Calligra

Two years in calligra 

What happened, What is happening, What will happen.

  Hi, i am Mojtaba Shahi Senobari, 22 years old from Iran.
  I work on calligra, words and author for two years. This blog that you are reading is my attempts in this two years.
  I start my work as a SOK(season of KDE) 2011 student. I found my project thanks to Lydia and started. My first problem was downloading calligra source that was about 500Mb that time, and one of my friend did that for me.
  Then i tried to connect with someone in calligra and first person was  Mr inge wallin and we talked about my interest area. My first work was fixing a bug in Style manager dialog. I always say that the first step in everything is the hardest step. After weeks i fixed the bug and inge applied  for me as i didn’t have commit permission, the first bug fix was really interesting. After that i continued my work on Style manager with camilla boemann, improve it and add new feature. in first year i worked on style Manager, paragraph styles, Add new style feature, a dialog for drop caps, and fixed right-to-left direction  problem. I applied few patches and did some work that never applied like deleting styles in style manager dialog.
  I liked my work on calligr, browsing in codes for month for fixing a little problem, worked a lot for month, i worked on calligr in day at night and also in sleep. Sometimes happen that nothing work, you don’t know codes and you will get disappointed but you should continue and  you shouldn’t afraid from codes and new things and mistakes, you can ever ship you review in review board yes it was one of my mistake in my first review. 🙂
  In first year i got my commit permission and also learned a lot about codes and classes, git and how to work with a group.
  I start my second year and my work on style manager finished and was looking for another task in calligra, at that time me and inge started working on export Epub for calligra words it was my first big work. we started a branch and learned about Epub and wrote codes and after it finished we announced Calligra Author. My next work was working on Mobi format, that was one of my hardest work as i read all files in bytes to learn about format structure.
  After mobi and its problem about fixing its bug i started working on annotation for words and author that now is really near to its end (new news about calligra 🙂 ). in while that i was working on annotation, worked on  Distraction-free mode for calligra one of the features that we wanted in author. Now we are thinking to have a feature for import and export wiki pages, that we think it would be very great for our application.
  Every work has its interest and you will learn new thing. One of the things that calligra and working on it, give to me  is the confidence, my day is a good day if i do something in calligra.
  I found many friends in calligra, i want to tanks from all and specially from my best friends Mehrdad Momeny,  Inge Wallin and Camilla boemann and KDE community that helped me very much.
  At the end, Don’t disappointed and believe you can.


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